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JMK breaks data barrier with J-Connect, a new service to couple any 'sales counter' (POS) system's vehicle service history, onto any dealer's website

J-Connect allows tire dealer's customers direct website access to their vehicle service history, independent of the software systems being used.

This industry 1st service, displays customer specific vehicle service history on a tire dealer's B2C website, along with targeted sales messages directly related to their vehicle's service recommendations with supportive coupons.

The interface is independent of the software system used on the sales counter and on the web site.

It also ties into J-Match to allow mobile device access directly from a windshield affixed QR code

JMK System users can also option a VERIFIED appointment scheduler linking directly back to their POS system, with fully automated work order setup.

This brings value to both the dealer and the customer, as a 24/7 marketing resource.

'This new system is set up to present vehicle service history data, from Industry Standard Sales Counter Systems, displayed directly on dealer's B2C website from E-Solutions (Tireweb, Ezytire, Treadmart), 50 Below, Net Drivem, TCS, or local generation." says Jim Krakower, Director of System Development at JMK.

He goes on to say "... that feature tethers a dealer's customer to their shop, giving another reason for loyalty in a market place cluttered with competitors offering parallel 'match the price' vehicle services".

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System is a provider of creative integrated tire and vehicle service business management software system solutions for multiple and volume single location dealerships.

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